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The park Banjica

It is located in the wider city centre, on the banks of the river Moravica, and is about 500 m away from the marble promenade. The park is beautifully landscaped, with numerous benches, decorated with flowers and greenery. Within the park, there is also an outdoor gym as well as running tracks (made of tartan). The park "Banjica" with thermo-mineral water with a temperature of up to 28 ° C, which is used in the treatment of various neurological diseases, and the restaurant "Čoka" on the river bank is located in the park. Below the restaurant is the sandy beach "Župan", which is beautifully landscaped, with a shoal for children. The part of the beach, which is located in a gorge between two rocks, where the depth is about 4 m, is suitable for diving. Upstream from "Župan" is the beach "Tesnac", in that part Moravica is the narrowest in its course, but it is very attractive for bathers. Then follow the beaches "Six tubs", "Three tubs" and "Gentleman". The first two beaches were named after the appearance of the rocks between which the river flows since the action of river erosion took the form of barrels or barrels. These beaches are also suitable for diving and are very popular during the summer.