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Sesalačka cave

Sesalačka cave is located in the area of the village Sesalac and is about 19 km away from Sokobanja, in the direction of Knjaževac. The cave is illuminated in the length of 200 m and abounds in cave jewellery - stalactites and stalagmites and travertine tubs. A submerged river flows through the cave and sinks in its lobby. The tourist site itself is arranged for the reception of tourists. There is a source of drinking water, access paths have been arranged, tables and benches have been set up and a barbecue area has been arranged. Sesalačka cave is also known for one of the largest colonies of bats in the Balkans, which is why it is protected by law. There is also an artificial pond near the cave, which the locals built by damming the Sesalačka river so that visitors can swim during the summer months.