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Turkish bath Amam

The Turkish bath "Amam" is located in the central spa park, and it was built by the Turks on the foundations of Roman baths in the 15th century. It was first renovated in 1834. by order of Prince Miloš Obrenović, and the last time in 2005. The only Turkish bath is in operation on the territory of Serbia. It is also known for the fact that a scene from the movie "Zona Zamfirova" was filmed in it. Today it is managed by the Special Hospital "Sokobanja" and various wellness programs take place in it. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the thermal water in the pools or in the original Miloš bathtub, try various types of massages and cosmetic treatments. Within the bathroom, there is a room for inhalations with natural vapours rich in radon gas, which is why they are recommended for people with respiratory problems.