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River Moravica

The spring of the river Moravica is a pleasant place for rest and picnic, near the crystal clear pond where the river Moravica originates. The river springs at a place called Vrelo-Istoci, at the foot of the Virgo mountain, 12 km from Sokobanja in the direction of Knjaževac. The spring itself is a natural phenomenon because at the very beginning it appears in the form of a spilt river flow, which arises from a large number of underground springs. Nearby is the Temple of St. Elijah, It was built in the middle of the 19th century, on the initiative of Princess Persida Karađorđević, who learned that the inhabitants of the village gather on the day of St. Elijah around the stone cross, so she gave a contribution of 18 ducats to build a church on that place. One of the attractions nearby is Marko's Cave, where, according to legend, Marko Kraljevic sought refuge with his horse Šarac, who left a hoof print in the rock at the entrance to the cave.