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Ozren Ripaljka

The excursion site "Ozren" is about 5 km away from the center of Sokobanja. Ozren can be reached by asphalt road. It includes a large park within which there are sports fields, a children's playground and an artificial pond, a restaurant, the waterfall Mala Ripaljka and a picnic area. Near the picnic area is the Ripaljka waterfall, the first natural monument in Serbia, which was protected by law in 1949. The waterfall originates on the river Gradašnica and is one of the highest in Serbia. It consists of 11 sections with a total height of about 40 m. The height of the highest section is 11 m, below it is a section 5 m high, while the others are smaller and range from 0.5 to 2 m. It is named after the local expression "ripati" which means to jump. In the Sokobanja area, it is not said that the water jumps - but rips. The waterfall has the most water in the spring after the melting of snow and ice, and the least during the summer months, especially if there is a drought. Above the waterfall, there is a picnic area with benches and tables for rest and a place for barbecue.