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Summer stage "Vrelo" is a multifunctional facility whose construction was completed in early 2020. A large stage was built within the building, which has the physical and technical capabilities to organize events for a larger number of spectators - concerts, music events, festivals, plays and the like. The capacity of the auditorium is 1,500 seats and 3,000 standing places. In addition to the large stage, a small stage was built, in the shape of an amphitheatre, in which small-scale events will take place as part of the Spa Fun Summer program. The whole ambience is arranged in order to protect the natural values ​​of the area Vrelo in Sokobanja and will be in function during the day as a place for fun and rest. During the winter months, the decorative lakes, which are located between the two stages, will be turned into skating rinks and in the function of the winter tourist offer of Sokobanja.