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Excursion site Kalinovica is 6 km away from Sokobanja and is located on the mountain Ozren at an altitude of 650 m. The picnic area is characterized by dense beech and coniferous forests in the vicinity of which there are many beautiful springs of clean cold drinking water. This place is characterized by the concentration of negative ions that eliminate harmful substances from the body, as well as the specific mixing of air currents, wind roses, which have a positive effect on the airways of sick and healthy people. In the heart of the resort is the "Agricultural Farm Vesna Milenković". Within the farm, there is an ethno house as well as an open terrace for guests of the Milenković family and other visitors to this resort. We offer: healthy homemade food (wholemeal cakes with cream, cheese, honey, jam .. ), various types of roasting, homemade brandy and wine of the Milenković family, riding pony horses, use of mini terrain and park for children, homemade buns under the sac, pies, cornbread, roasting pork, lamb under the sac, local cuisine specialities.