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The trail starts from the village of Milušinac at 450 meters above sea level, after a 2-kilometre walk through the village, you come to a crossroads where the roads to the mountain Slemen and Krstatac separate. At this place, turn right to the trail that leads up a slight hill to the top of Šiljak (1070 m above sea level). The trail has a large number of smaller intersections and turns, but to the top, there are mountaineering signs. Also, there are two springs, but it is recommended to take at least a litre and a half of water. The trail mostly has a stone surface (used forest roads), very little (at the fourth kilometre) enters the forest (hornbeam and beech). At the fifth kilometre, the trail turns towards the top through a clearing where a limestone plateau of the mountain emerges. Krstatac Mountain provides every mountaineer with a beautiful view of the four corners of the world. From this mountain, you can see the mountain Rtanj as well as the wreath of the Old mountain. The highest altitude on the trail is the peak Šiljak (1070 meters above sea level). The total length of the trail is 6.5 kilometres with an altitude difference of about 700 meters.