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Three-star hotel, located in an extraordinary natural environment where the wooded foothills of the mountain Ozren and the clear river Moravica meet. The elevation by the river, where the hotel is located, allows it a dominant position concerning the surroundings, which gives guests an exceptional experience of the richness of nature of this area. The hotel is reminiscent of a ship that stopped on the high seas and dominates the surroundings. The hotel is located near the beach and beach "Banjica". An integral part of the hotel complex are the "trim trail" and the promenade, which allows guests a complete vacation with recreation. The accommodation capacity of the hotel "Moravica" is 200 beds arranged in 5 apartments, 15 single and 80 double rooms. The hotel has a restaurant with 400 seats, two banquet halls, a national restaurant, two aperitif bars, and a unique congress hall.